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Our story is not dramatic in any way – the idea of The Leather Mob was born by a simple passion for one of the most useful and long lasting materials available.

There are few things that smell as good as leather does, or make you feel as sexy when wearing it. Very few materials last the test of time like leather does, even fewer get better with age and wear! So there is no big secret or revelation behind our passion – we get it, we feel it, deep down …. it’s a skin thing!

And with the founder being Italian, it did not take long to come up with a name which would reflect what this business aims to offer. The Cambridge Dictionary offers 3 varied definition for the word mob...


noun [ + sing/pl verb ]

* usually disapprovinga large, angry crowd, especially one that could easily become violent;
* informal –  a group of people who are friends or who are similar in some way;
* informal an organization of criminals:
Obviously, we do not  embrace the first or last options, but we most definitely identify with second one, so much so it reflects our ethos completely, in that we work with manufacturers and craftsmen who are just as passionate about leather as we are and that we consider friends now!
We are The Leather Mob and we do ‘all things leather’ – from the more obvious handbags, accessories, travel accessories, belts and wallets  and clothing to the more unusual and elaborate jewellery, gifts, homeware and stationery to the more exclusive pet accessories and leather scented candles. If it’s made of leather, if it is beautiful and if it is awesome quality then the likelihood is that we’ll stock it!
We take huge pride in the selection of products we present you with – they are carefully sourced and purposefully selected to guarantee the perfect balance of style, quality, design and individuality. Even more so we take pleasure in providing assistance and looking after you, whether it be in our boutique in Tynemouth or online.
The best reward is knowing you are enjoying your purchases. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot – thank you so much to those who take the time to write them as it really does make our day to know you are out there enjoying your TLM pieces. If you do Instagram or Facebook please tag us @theleathermob if you ever publish a photo with one of our items in it!

The Leather Mob Team



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