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Curious facts on Valentine’s Day and Gift Ideas

Already panicking about Valentine’s Day gift ideas? 

We get it, after Christmas, thinking about Valentine’s day gifts can be stressful. That’s why we want to distract you from gift-searching duties and focus on the actual festivity for a moment. You never know, a bit of background history might even inspire you in your quest for the perfect gift.

Valentine’s Day it’s supposed to be the day we celebrate LOVE. It’s tradition to get presents, small offerings of chocolate and sweets, cook special meal or take someone out for food. Some even splash out on expensive jewellery. But why do we do so? Where does this tradition come from, and who is this Saint Valentine really?

In all honesty, after some research on the topic, we’re still confused. The history of Valentine’s Day is quite obscure. There does’t seem to be much connection with romance at all. However,  we found plenty of legends and theories, which are steeped in both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

According to some, Saint Valentine was a priest who was marrying couples in secret after the emperor of the time had decided that single men made better soldiers and prohibited them to get married. Another legend identifies the real Saint Valentine as the bishop of Terni who, like the other Valentine, was also secretly marrying couples.

We are not sure if they could have been the same person. But I guess what they did was quite…romantic?

Some people believe that we celebrate it in the middle of February because that’s when the patron saint (Valentine again) died. Others believe that it was actually the Catholic Church attempt to christianise the ancient Roman festival. The Lupercalia were usually celebrated on the 15th of February and were actually a festival of fertility and included quite a bit of animal sacrifice and women being whipped with goat skin. Not really the idea of  love and romance we have today, right?

What’s for sure is that Valentine’s Day only became associated with love and romance in the late Middle Ages. In fact, the first reference we have is by the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer who mentioned it in one of his poems.

Fast forward to today, we still like the idea of a day in which it’s ok to be extra cutesy, cheesy and loved up. A day in which you can do something special together just because.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and maybe this year you’d like to opt for something different. Lingerie, chocolate and long-stemmed red roses? Charmed, we’re sure. But nothing says “be mine” like something made out of one of the most durable materials… LEATHER!

Here are a few Valentine’s day gift ideas from us, who might help pick something different this year.

Women are easier to buy for, mainly because there’s more options and variety. For example you could go for some really nice leather jewellery. A small gift that shows your affection in a delicate more subtle way.

Staying in the realm of small leather accessories, you could opt for accessories like a leather belt, a phone bag or a new leather make up bag. All small but practical gifts that won’t break the bank and still say “I love you”.

Thinking of impressing her and leaving her speechless? Go for a Handbag. You’ll need to know what kind of bags she already has, the colours she likes and her style of clothing, but if you pick the right one, she’ll be yours forever!


Now onto the Men. Contrary to what we said before, buying for a man always feels like one of the most difficult things to do. But we have some aces up our sleeve that will solve your dilemmas.

Just like women they like to accessorise and look stylish. They usually like simple and sleek designs that compliment their style without feeling too over the top. That’s why we think a leather watch, a nice pair of metal and leather cufflinks or even a leather bracelet would do the trick.

If your man is partial to using a bag in some selected occasions, then why not get him a leather bumbag? They’re the rave of the moment, a true 90s comeback. What about a nice new workbag? Colour-wise, we love Morgan in red, but we know it is not a colour for the faint of heart. With the vast range of colours available, you could always pick one in a classic tan, dark brown or black.

And lastly, if he’s not really into bags, then why not a new set of office accessories, especially if he’s working from home and needs a proper desk update? Alternatively, you can never go wrong with luxury leather bar accessories – (almost) every man’s dream!

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