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Father's day gift ideas father's day presents

Great father’s day gift ideas to help you pick the perfect present

Yep, it's almost that time of the year again and when it comes to Father's day gifts ideas, in all honesty, we all need as much help we can get. Dads are always the most difficult to buy for and usually, they already have everything. So what do you get them as a present for father's day?  Well, that's what we're here for! It might seem a bit early, but we thought this way you'd have plenty of time to browse, think and pick the perfect gift. So, let's not waste any time and dig into our list of father's…

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Mother’s day gifts for the main woman in your life.

Shopping for Mother’s day gifts is a hard thing to do sometimes. If your mother is anything like mine, she will never tell me what she really wants, or ever worse she will say she doesn’t need anything at all. In these cases the only thing you can do is take matter in your own hands and just BUY HER SOMETHING! After all… she gave birth to you, she spent years looking after you, and growing up you have started getting to know her more. SO by now you should have an idea of what your mother is like and…

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Colour trends for Spring/Summer 2021

From Pantone’s colour(s) of the year to (virtual) runway shows, we hope to inspire you with a roundup of upcoming trends. Although we can’t predict if social calendars will blossom and somewhat resemble normality this spring/summer, what better way to manifest brighter days ahead than to delve into the trends of 2021.

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men's accessories

Men’s Accessories in detail: watches, bracelets, cufflinks…and more!

Fifteen must have accessories for men It’s a common misconception that men choose the Mr Bean approach when it comes to dressing - AKA a trouser and top combo without the accessories. When in truth, men have accessorised to emphasise their wealth and elevate outfits throughout history. Rewind back to ancient Egypt BC and Pharaohs wore the most lavish statement accessories to rival any modern day collection. Past or present, there are a multitude of men whose choice of accessory became their signature trademark. Karl Lagerfeld wore black sunglasses, Winston Churchill and his top hat, Elton John with his extensive collection…

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Curious facts on Valentine’s Day and Gift Ideas

Already panicking about Valentine's Day gift ideas?  We get it, after Christmas, thinking about Valentine's day gifts can be stressful. That's why we want to distract you from gift-searching duties and focus on the actual festivity for a moment. You never know, a bit of background history might even inspire you in your quest for the perfect gift. Valentine's Day it's supposed to be the day we celebrate LOVE. It's tradition to get presents, small offerings of chocolate and sweets, cook special meal or take someone out for food. Some even splash out on expensive jewellery. But why do we…

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The Bum Bag story and Top list

Okay, Let’s talk about one of the biggest bag trends of the moment… the BUM BAG. The handsfree bag trend is not going anywhere, as our society carry just their phone, and need both hands for texting, duhhhh…!

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Cool Leather Work Bags for every professional

When it comes to picking a bag for business, we'd always advice you to go for leather work bags. They are classic, durable and practical. And this is probably what makes them such a great choice, not only for your business meetings. They are in fact the most versatile type of bag: professional but not too regimented, roomy enough to juggle your gym wear and your laptop, and full of pockets to keep you secret stash of snacks discreet (that's if you're anything like us!). You may also appreciate the ability to wear a bag multiple ways and in multiple…

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Trend Alert: Pony Hair Leather

Let us tell you more about the manufacture of this particular type of leather. Pony hair, calf hair, hair on leather... it's easy to see why the origin of this material is questioned. Before we move on we want to start with one reassuring fact: no, it's not made of pony.  What is pony hair? The word pony is used to make it more appealing. Pony skin to the world of fashion sounds much nicer than cow skin, or calf skin. More elegant and sophisticated, we could say. Although, practically speaking, pony hair leather is most commonly cow skin. To…

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The Travel Edit

It's not the end of travelling, holidays and adventures Slowly but surely, we can begin to think about travelling again. With our wide range of travel accessories, finding your perfect leather travel partner should be easy. Our luxury travel items are made from soft Italian leather which is durable as well as being lightweight, designed to last you a lifetime of travelling. They are also ‘flatpack’, meaning you can fill them or fold them. The size is purely dictated by how much you pack them: Versatile for short and long journeys. A personal favourite is the travel organiser, a nifty…

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