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Trend Alert: Pony Hair Leather

The most popular question people ask when it comes to pony hair leather is: IS IT ACTUALLY PONY?

Let us tell you more about the manufacture of this particular type of leather. Pony hair, calf hair, hair on leather… it’s easy to see why the origin of this material is questioned. Before we move on we want to start with one reassuring fact: no, it’s not made of pony. 

What is pony hair?

The word pony is used to make it more appealing. Pony skin to the world of fashion sounds much nicer than cow skin, or calf skin. More elegant and sophisticated, we could say. Although, practically speaking, pony hair leather is most commonly cow skin. To put it simply, it’s the hair side of the animal, the furry side. The material is shaven to replicate the hind of a pony then bleached white so it can be dyed in different colours and patterns.

It is used by designers such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Christian Louboutin (to name a few) and can be used for accessories and clothing.

Safari or farmyard, our love for animal print fashion is universal. Although our former younger selves would protest, Cruella Deville’s sense of style, without the cruelty and puppy-napping of course, is timeless. The trend perpetually appears on runways, infiltrates subcultures, and remains a staple in our wardrobes.

How to look after your pony hair leather handbags?

You are in luck. There’s no need for special products to make sure that your pony hair leather accessories keep their fur soft and in good condition. Although pony hair is naturally water-resistant, it may become damaged by rough usage. With some occasional TLC and damage control you can look after your handbag and make it last a lifetime. All you need is a clean dry cloth which you can use to remove dust and dirty. If you accidentally get anything oily or liquid on it, use a lightly damp cloth on the area,  but make sure to dry it with a dry cloth immediately. And for the love of God always go with the grain of the hair! 

So to recap, follow these tips to keep you furry bag in perfect conditions for a lifetime:

  1. Store the item in a bag away from sunlight
  2. Use a dry cloth or soft brush on dust or dry dirt.
  3. Use a damp cloth followed by a dry one to clean liquid or oily spillage.
  4. Always go with the grain of the hair – ie. no back-brushing!
  5. Refrain from caressing your bag back and forth continuously (we know how tempting that is!)

We have just released our collection of pony hair handbags in the classic “cow” fur colours in a mix of white and browns. But if this look is a little too Cruella meets cowgirl for you, we have a variety of new bold colours coming up. So make sure to watch this space!

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